5 Travel Tips Your Mom Never Told You

Traveling abroad is a life invigorating experience, broadening your mind, and teaching you important lessons about humanity and equality. While there are few places in the world that are legitimately “dangerous” and a cause for concern while traveling, most places aren’t very different from your own neighborhood: good people with a few bad apples that pose risks and require a few extra steps to be taken to keep you and your valuables safe. Things have changed a lot in recent years when it comes to traveling, and we can guarantee that while the following are travel tips your mom never told you, they can make all the difference in the world when it comes to making your trip safer and more enjoyable.


1. Fool muggers and pickpockets with a cup. When walking about metropolitan areas, you will inadvertently always standout as a tourist -making you a target for muggers, pickpockets, and thieves. One way to keep your money and valuables safe is with a disposable cup such as from a fast food or take away restaurant. Just place your phone and wallet into the cup. Muggers will think it’s just a soft drink, and you’ll have your valuables near you at all times.


2.While you can’t help looking like a tourist, make sure you don’t look like a rich tourist. That means leaving expensive jewelry at home and keeping expensive cameras and binoculars in their cases and out of sight when not in use.


3. Keep your possessions near you; never leave them unattended. This seems like such an obvious tip, but it is one of the most common travel mistakes made. This is an especially important tip when in restaurants, cafes, or anywhere you may stop to sit, rest, or look around. It’s normal to set your bag at your feet or to hang it off the back of your chair, but this makes it an easy target for thieves who can access pockets or simply take the entire bag without you ever noticing.


4. Speaking of hanging out cafes and restaurants, whenever you get up to leave somewhere, take an extra look to make sure you bring everything with you. The excitement of traveling and anticipation of the next sight to see can make you forget to grab your jacket, your journal, your phone, or even your bag. So, when you stand up, look back and make sure you have everything packed up and on your person.


5. Scan important documents and keep digital copies on you. Documents such as your passport, visa, photo ID, and travel insurance can be devastating to lose, but having those back up copies easily accessible from an email account or cloud drive can be a real life saver in the event of an emergency.

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