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Gaming Comforts

Game Comforts – Improve Your Gaming Experience Today!

What’s a barbecue without burgers? A theme park without rollercoasters? A superbowl party without BEER?! There are just some activities that can’t be done right and proper without the correct equipment or supplies, and gaming is no exception to that rule. But the equipment I’m referring to isn’t for your electronics. It’s the furniture that will be used to in that space that have the correct functionality to help make you an efficient gamer. Yeah sure, you can still game without all the flashy extras… but you’ll be better off gaming with them. So take notes, here’s a few things that you’ll need for an ideal gaming setup.


The Desk aka Game Shrine

You’re no amateur, and not just any desk will do. Your desk is going to be the foundation of your little gaming haven and should be your primary concern before purchasing other accessories. It’s critical to find the right pc gaming desk to cater your specific needs. Are you using more than one monitor? Will it be solely dedicated to gaming or will it also be used as a desk for work or studying? Are you the animated type while playing and need the extra elbow room? You should answer these questions first and foremost before you start hunting for a desk.


TIP: L-shaped or corner desks are ideal due to the fact that they give both of your hands functionality while gaming.



Desks and chairs will forever be partners meaning that if there’s a desk, there needs to be a chair. The ideal chairs for gaming will be supportive in the right places for your body, help you keep a healthy posture, and above all will be comfortable. You and that chair are going to be spending a lot of time together, so it’s best to find a chair that you actually like.



Do you every so often right before your weekend is about to start set a goal for your game of choice that might mean you’re going to be in it for the long haul? Do half of your groceries end up at your desk by the time the weekend is over? If yes then invest in a dorm fridge so you can stock up on the necessary energy drinks and munchies to help you get through the weekend with fewer interruptions. On a side note, get a cup holder as well for the safety of your equipment. Spills are always bound to happen at some time.


Great Heights

Everyone knows by now the importance of having keyboards with the correct cushioning, design and angle to help prevent carpal tunnel in your wrists, but there’s one very frequently overlooked body part that also poses as a threat to your health, and that’s your legs. Sitting for extended periods of time affects more than simply obesity. Sitting has been proven to negatively affect both cholesterol and blood pressure. What’s worse is that it can cause problems involving clots or pulmonary embolisms which are incredibly dangerous and deadly. The way keyboards factor into this their height. Try to find a keyboard stand or a desk that allows you to elevate the keyboard so you have to stand to reach it. Forcing yourself to stand every half hour for a couple minutes while playing can immensely help in reducing these health risks.